The UX Compendium was created in the project BtG to tell stories about the process of mentoring in the context of advising young people with creative and entrepreneurial potential to develop sustainable routes out of disadvantage and unemployment.


It consists of online materials based upon participant experiences of the peer mentoring process and reflections on the testing of specific learning methodologies and tools. UX Compendium reflects the voices of Mentors and Mentees and it provides illustrations and examples of how the process of mentoring and informal learning takes place. We hope it will familiarise you with the learning methodologies and tools.


The User Experience Compendium is designed for all sectors of the target audience of the BtG project including trainers, mentors, professionals advising and supporting young people in the CCIs, careers advisers, enterprise support advisers, VET stakeholders in CCIs, tutors or cultural learning practitioners working in different sub-sectors of the CCIs, creative artists working in VET, but also policymakers or representatives of enterprises and creative industries. We hope you will find some inspirations for your mentor work here!


There are 3 main sections:






This section include 4 infographics with a very short descriptions of the 4 methodologies, the most important content and the list of elements and conditions to make it transferable and enable it to be tested in the international context. In this section you will also find some links to the best case studies. We present 4 frameworks tested in the project: Break in the Desk, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, Clock, Go to Work. 

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