Entrepreneurial competence

The concept of entrepreneurship includes competencies such as dynamism, expansiveness, courage, activity, risk-taking ability, predictability and imagination. It is the ability to seize opportunities and ideas and turn them into values for others. They fall into two categories: acquired (i.e. knowledge and skills) and natural (e.g. responsibility, openness, aptitudes).*

An article by Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka and Barbara Geniusz-Stepnowska entitled Professional predispositions of the artist and the characteristics of the entrepreneur “analyses and compares the personality traits attributed to artists with the characteristics of an effective entrepreneur” in terms of the range of competencies that determine the implementation of business ventures. Briefly: ” is an attempt to answer the question of whether the predisposition to artistic work is a supporting factor or a barrier to taking on the role of an entrepreneur”.** According to the study of artists, they are characterised by broad creativity, developed imagination, learn from mistakes made and learn from previous experiences. These features provide a great basis for building your successful businesses. The characteristics of artistic personality that can cause difficulties in such activities are nonconformism and a high need for independence – resulting in difficulties in adapting to the social environment and a frequent lack of conscientiousness and order of actions, which in turn can cause difficulties in carrying out tasks of an office nature. And according to JL Holland’s popular professional predisposition test, people of the artistic type “are innovative, non-conformist, impulsive, non-standard, intuition-based, sensitive. Decisions are made on a sense, prefer creative tasks, prefer to work on ideas, concepts rather than on specific products.”

For comparison, the personality of the entrepreneur is characterised by an orientation to the goals set, a focus on economic benefits and the resulting high motivation of achievements – the need for competition. Despite their high ambition, consistency, and self-esteem, these personalities often use manipulation to gain power or can be aggressive.

Predispositions common to both artistic and entrepreneurial types, such as perseverance, commitment, passion, independence, creativity are manifested in a personality called indirect. People with this personality are characterised by an average level of internal cohesion, a combination of creative artistic competencies such as high sensitivity and ability to express with developed organizer talent, the ability to make independent decisions and initiate innovative solutions. These competencies make up the respective predispositions of the entrepreneur-artist.

The project conducted in 2016-2020, by the Warsaw School of Arts  -“Entrepreneurial Artist”- as part of the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development, focuses on training artists in the field of entrepreneurial competence. “The project is intended to develop competencies related to the management of artistic projects and creativity, which is a unique composition of knowledge, skills and workshop of the contemporary artist – manager.” You can learn more about the project at https://wsa.art.pl/projekt-przedsiebiorczy-artysta/.