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The digital transformation of the world is progressing very quickly. In recent years representatives of the art sector have created a number of interesting works on the topic of the challenges posed by the digitization of the world today. In the work of mentors in the creative sector it is important to use digital and online tools. This is why this part of the BtG project was particularly interesting for me – I’m a practitioner in using digital resources.

My many years’ practise in work using online tools allows me to say that there is a priority need to create an ecosystem of tools for mentors to give them support and guidance in selection of technical and communication tools. These tools could be especially useful in the pandemic situation, but not only in these untypical times. Tools for innovative communication and exchange of practice are always a very important element of all processes in supporting creative enterprise and start-ups, and also in mentoring.  The Network Roadmap provided interesting and useful suggestions in the use of technical communication tools and the processes used by mentors and mentees in creating their P2P relations.  

I like the form and descriptions of the tools available on the project website. This could be helpful for users, who hadn’t any previous experience with some of them. I have some comments as a practitioner about my favourite ones, which I suggest could be the best for the mentoring process.

hammer, nail, sky

Essential tools

In terms of communication tools – if I have to choose between Whatsapp, Telegram and Slack I would recommend WhatsApp which is definitely the best! This is because of its universal availability, easy exchange of photos, voice memos and a very good quality videos and it is not complicated to use. When working in groups I would recommend Slack, which is a platform giving opportunity to communicate on many levels and with many people. As far as storage tools are concerned – Google Drive wins. It is much better than Dropbox or One Drive. It wins first of all thanks to the large market coverage of Android devices and because of easy integration of the phone with the computer. 

For presentation tools, if I have to choose between Powerpoint, Prezi or Google Slides, I have to say that in the creative sector I usually make presentations most often in PDF using Illustrator or InDesign due to the speed and availability and full control of the layout, which is very important for graphic designers.

In my opinion using these tools supports developing an innovative learning resource that can be used in practice by mentors and mentees in supporting young creative entrepreneurs. This could also be the base for internal communication. 

Finally I would like to say that this tool – the ‘Roadmap’ which is a visual and interactive resource that provides a toolkit of communication tools, networks and resources available for supporting creative start-ups and developing innovation is a great idea! This interactive infographic of tools that mentors could use in their daily practice provides a much needed repository of the most useful information.


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